The best and fastest way to find and browse
Spells, Monsters and Items
for your Dungeons & Dragons games

The Tome for iOS (iPad and iPhone)
is available for $3.99 on the App Store.

The Tome is an app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) to browse and find spells, monsters and items from the SRD (5th Edition).

The Tome app is meant to be fast and easy to use, and lets you find information about spells, monsters and items in a few seconds even if you are not connected to the internet. You can also keep your favorite spells, monsters and items inside folders to access them even faster next time, or you can export to PDF or print the content of your folders.

There's also the import feature that lets you import your own data from XML files.

Last but not least, it also supports a bunch of cool iOS features such as: Dark Mode, iCloud sync, Spotlight search, and iPad goodies like multitasking, keyboard and mouse support.

A great tool for your Dungeons & Dragons games, whether you are a player or a dungeon master.

If you have feedback, suggestions, found issues or simply want to say hi, just write us at

What is the SRD?

SRD is short for System Reference Document, a document from Wizards of the Coast containing guidelines and rules based on the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons that can be used under an open gaming license.

Can I import data?

Yes, you can! The import feature lets you import multiple XML files with spells, monsters and items. The XML files must be in the Lion's Den format. You can craft your own files, or you can search the web for files already made by the comunity.


I started playing Dungeons & Dragons, and while creating a Wizard character, I wasn't very happy with the available solutions to easily browse and choose the spells needed for the character. Being an iOS developer, I did what developers usually do to fix their software itches and built my own solution. After DMing a few games, I ended up adding monsters and items support.